A wave of emotion and pride is currently sweeping through the AP TEAM! On Friday, November 3, our colleague Varinder and his wife Nancy solemnly took the oath that unites them to our beautiful country, Canada. They welcomed their new Canadian citizenship with passion and conviction!

Leaving India just over 6 years ago, Nancy and Varinder bravely overcame the many challenges of expatriation. With their children, Vivaan (6) and Liyaan (4), they have adapted to their new life, immersing themselves in Canadian and Quebec customs, and mastering the French language with brio – a remarkable feat! Their journey is an eloquent testimony to courage and perseverance, and we can only applaud them warmly. 👏

 We’re delighted to have been able to contribute to such an important chapter in their lives. Their integration as Canadian citizens is a source of great pride for all members of the AP team! 😊

Nancy and Varinder, you are living proof that the fabric of our society is enriched by diversity and dedication. Your contribution to Canadian and Quebec society is already immense, and we are convinced you will continue to enrich it for many years. We are filled with admiration for your two young boys who manage to converse in 4 languages: Hindi, Punjabi, English and of course French! There’s no doubt that they have a bright future ahead of them, bringing inestimable value to our society!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Canada, Quebec, and especially for choosing the AP family. ❤️

You make our team shine, and it’s an honor to celebrate this moment with you!