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If you’re looking for a reputable freight broker that will handle the shipment of your goods , you are at the right place!

Ship USA Simplified gives you access to an extensive carrier network that is able to provide you with many different logistics and transportation solutions between all of Canada and the United States.

Open deck transport

Open Deck Trailer transportation USA

Our team can help you access several types of open deck trailer equipment across Canada and the United States on a daily basis.

Dry van transport

Trucking Freight Broker USA-Canada

Get daily access to several types of enclosed trailers that we have available in both Canada and the United States.

Rail freight

Rail Shipping to Canada from USA

Take advantage of the partnerships we have forged with several railway companies and of our intermodal offering.

Air freight

Air Freight USA-Canada

We can help you ship your goods to and from major American airports : New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and San Francisco.

Warehousing and distribution

warehousing distribution canada

Over the years, we have built ourselves solid partnerships with strategic warehousing and distribution providers in North America.


tradeshows Transportation Canada USA

We can also help you manage all the logistic details to allow you to focus entirely on making your tradeshow memorable.

Does your freight fit into an enclosed trailer?

Does your freight fit into an enclosed trailer?

We have access to several truck fleets including 48 FT and 53 FT dry vans with single axle, tandem or more capacity, ready to haul your goods wherever you need them – short haul, long-haul or regional, across 48 states and Canada.

use an open deck trailer?

Would you prefer to use an open deck trailer?

We offer different varieties of open deck trailers ideal for carrying commodities such as steel, lumber, racking, concrete, piping, agriculture and construction equipment, manufactured goods and skidded freight (flat & step decks, double-drop RGN’s, roll-tites and more).

secure a full trailer USA Canada

Do you need to secure a full trailer?

Being a non-asset based transport provider, we have access to several truck fleets across North America. We have different sizes of empty trailers that are available coast-to-coast ready to accommodate you whenever you need.

fill entire truck shipping

Do you need to ship smaller freight that is too small to fill an entire truck?

We have trucks running throughout North America that are looking to consolidate multiple less-than truckload shipments into a single box. Chances are we will have a trailer close to where you need it to be at the time needed, with the required space.

oversize load trucking Canada USA

Do you need to ship over-dimensional freight?

We have the capacity to handle your freight, whatever the size. We have access to different kinds of specialized heavy equipment such as stretch trailers, mini deck trailers and a wide range of multi-axle configurations.

freight need any special care

Does your freight need any special care?

With access to thousands of different carriers, we suit perfectly in becoming your temperature-controlled carrier of choice. We have access to equipment that is able to haul cold, frozen and heated freight over long haul distances.

shipping intermodal USA Canada

Have you attempted shipping intermodal?

We could combine convenient truck pick-ups and deliveries with cost-effective reliable rail transportation. Having access to our partners’ terminals, we are able to connect major centers across North America.

explore rail transport USA Canada

Have you ever though to explore rail transport?

Rail is a key component to the United States’ gateways strategy, which links global supply chains with the North American economy. Through our railway connections, notably the CN and CP, we are able to efficiently link important markets in North America.

Air Freight Transportation USA Canada

Have you ever considered using air freight?

We have established partnerships with numerous airlines that transport regular commodities across North America. We offer not only terminal-to-terminal transport solutions but also door-to-door air transport solutions, while respecting your transportation requirements. Top-level safety measures are implemented throughout our process, from the delivery of your goods to our terminals, to their transportation via our partner’s aircraft, from storage to delivery to the consignee.

inbound outbound distribution canada USA

Need help with managing your inbound and outbound distribution from and to the United States?

We act as the American distribution arm for many Canadian shippers coast-to-coast. Having established strategic partnerships with many of North America’s top carriers, you will now get to streamline the amount of carriers you need to manage at your dock.

show freight to or from Canada - USA

Do you need to move show freight to or from the United States?

We offer a variety of shipping options designed to accommodate your deadline budget. We have established a carrier network that is fully licensed and certified with credentials required to ship meeting the fast paced tradeshow environment (FAST, C-TPAT, PIP, CSA, etc).

Why choose Ship USA Simplified?

  • To simplify your logistics workload

  • To save time and get to focus on your value-added activities

  • For quick and easy access to efficient logistics solutions

  • For complete transportation solutions

  • To easily obtain status of your ongoing shipments when you need to

  • To deal with an experienced organization that knows the american market

What questions come to a shipper’s mind when shipping across the border?

It is a shipment where freight is picked up in one country (Ex: Canada) that needs to be delivered into its neighbor country located across its borders (Ex: United States).

A truckload means that either you have enough freight to fill a full truckload or that you have a partial shipment that takes up to, for instance, half a trailer, and prefer to use a dedicated truck.

A full truckload (TL) is more costly than an LTL. However, it will get your shipment delivered faster than an LTL.

It is a type of ground freight transportation combining freight from multiple shippers. These shipments often make several stops for pick-ups and deliveries. Transit time is longer but shippers should save on transportation costs. No appointments can be guaranteed under an LTL shipment.
It is a shipping method whereby a consolidator pools together individual loads from various shippers into one shipment made to a destination agent. Its main advantage is that it offers preferential rates to all the shippers.

It is an international trade document that confirms goods in a specific shipment have been entirely obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a specific country. The commercial invoice usually includes a statement of origin. However, this may not be sufficient in certain areas.

It is a customs declaration submitted by an entity that is exporting goods across international borders.

This document must state the buyer and seller, indicate the date and terms of sale, the quantity, weight and/or volume of the shipment, type of packaging, complete description of goods, unit value and total value and insurance, shipping and other charges.

The CBSA strongly advises that you keep records of all the paperwork, either electronically or in paper format, of the goods you ship from and to Canada six years following your shipment (quant. That includes a record of the quantities received, the price paid, the country of origin, vendor, product and any other relevant information.
It is the Canada Border Services Agency. This is Canada Customs.
It stands for the harmonized commodity description and coding system comprised of about 5,000 commodity groups, each identified by a 6-digit code and arranged in a legal and logical structure and supported by well-defined rules to achieve uniform classification.
  1. What you are shipping and the value of each product
  2. The reason you are shipping these goods into Canada
  3. The 10-digit tariff classification number for each product you are importing and declare the rate of duty for your goods
  4. The method of shipping
Transportation to/from Canada is not subject to federal and regional sales taxes. However, services and distribution and warehousing rendered are taxable.
Yes! A customs broker is a person or a business authorized by an importer’s government and engaged in clearing goods through customs.
It is a binding contract for the receipt of goods delivered to the transportation provider for a shipment. This document contains a description of the goods, the origin and destination as well as the trucking company’s name. It also turns into a proof of delivery once the goods are signed for and received by the consignee.
The importer of record is normally billed by his broker for duties and taxes. The customs broker is responsible for determining duties and taxes, then reports those taxes to customs on the client’s behalf.
For truck moves between Canada and the United States, the trucking industry provides you coverage at $2 per lbs unless you request additional insurance coverage.
These charges are based on several factors: the quantity, dimensions, total weight, origin, destination, commodity description and the type of transportation service that is required. Some additional factors may apply depending on your request.

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Ship USA Simplified is a transportation solution developed by AP International aimed at helping small-medium sized canadian businesses import and export their goods between Canada and the United States.

AP International is a freight broker and logistics service provider located in the greater Montreal – Canada. Founded in 1995, it specializes in offering ground transportation solutions throughout North America. For more information, please visit