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Air freight transportation

When in an emergency, air transport becomes the preferred mode of international transport.

If you are constrained by time, AP International is able to provide you with an aviation logistics solution specifically tailored to your needs through the many partnerships we have established with the largest airlines.

Types of air freight solutions:

  • Priority and economic
  • Terminal to terminal and door to door
  • Cargo flights and shipments of small parcels of less than 150 kg available
  • Pan-Canadian and International Air Transportation
  • International coverage : Canada, The United States, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa

About Air Transportation

Air freight transportation means any goods carried or to be carried by aircraft. It is a safe and efficient mode of immediate transportation. Today, thousands of goods and consumer products are distributed around the world by air freight. This service allows consumers located anywhere in the world to have fully access to everyday necessities such as clothing, essential products, health products, food products, etc. Air transportation has connected the world like no other mode of transportation has done before, allowing people to export and import their goods quickly to places that would not have been accessible by truck. hanks to globalization, air transportation has become an increasingly coveted alternative for companies seeking to export and/or import freight. Did you know that on an average, the air freight industry transports around 51.2 million tons of cargo in a year?

What is the purpose of air cargo?

Air freight is a transportation service used for the fast delivery of many types of goods. We can think of non-perishable products such as clothing, auto and body parts, jewelry, etc., as well as perishable and emergency products such as meat, fruits and vegetables, medical products, etc. Non-perishable goods often present challenges related to transportation costs, while perishable and emergency goods present major challenges in terms of temperature during transportation. Some products require a temperature-controlled solution when transported. Therefore, it is important to call upon a team of professionals to ensure that your products are kept fresh when they are transported by air.

What AP does for you?

Our team’s mandate is to coordinate the shipment of your commercial goods from point A to point B while offering you tailor-made solutions that will meet your needs and respect all your logistics requirements. We offer to take charge of your future commercial export and/or import projects in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. We collect all the commercial documentation related to your international cargo and ensure it is forwarded to all parties involved to guarantee the smooth running of your international shipments. We are a passionate and proactive team always looking to offer you the best possible air freight solutions, while maintaining a reliable and fast service no matter what the situation.

How are we different?

Our passion at work, our desire to learn, our thirst to win, our availability whenever you need it, our accessibility, our speed of execution, our customer follow-up service and reliability, our eagerness to make a real difference in such a large and fast-paced industry, our transparency, our multilingualism and the diversity of our team members. All these elements make us able and above all willing to :

  • Provide you the optimal air freight transport solutions to meet your needs
  • Simplify your logistics workload
  • Offering outstanding customer service
  • Save time and allow you to focus on your value-added activities

International transportation solution

Whether it’s for air travel within Canada (domestic air transport) or internationally, our international logistics team is able to help you ensure the timely and secure receipt and / or delivery of your merchandise through plane.

Our team has put in place a number of international logistics solutions for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to transport their goods by air between Canada and :

  • Mexico – Mexico Simplified
  • Latin America – Latin America Simplified
  • Europe – Europe Simplified
  • Asia – Ship Asia Simplified

Do you have any questions?

Not too familiar with the documentation needed to be prepared for your next air freight shipment? Would you like to know more about the Harmonized System Codes? (HS) Have you ever wondered how to pack your cargo before sending it overseas by air transport? What about the different international payment methods available? Our team of experts will answer all your questions.

Contact us with your next air freight transportation needs! We are here to assist you!