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Trucking transport services – Canada, USA & Mexico 

Our team has been serving its customers since 1995 with state-of-the-art trucking expertise across Canada, the United States and Mexico. Supported by our extensive carrier network, our logistics team fulfils our customers’ logistics needs with satisfaction.

We serve hundreds of customers and have the option of consolidating multiple types of cargo into one shipment. This enhances our bargaining power and allows you to save money.

Our carrier network will allow you to obtain not only competitive rates but also to receive punctual and quality service.

We adapt to suit your needs! 

Types of trucking services

  • Full load (TL)
  • Less-than truckload (LTL)
  • Closed trailers
  • Open trailers (flatbed, step-deck, drop deck, detachable gooseneck, roll-tite and low platform with ramps)
  • Coverage: Canada • USA • Mexico

Reliable road transport equipment 

Truckload (TL) is a logistics term which means that you have enough freight to fill a full trailer or you have a partial load which takes, for example, half of the available space of a trailer and you prefer to use it as a dedicated transport from point A to point B. In this case, our team would take care of hiring a motor carrier who will subcontract its entire trailer to your company, you being the only shipper. In general, a full load would make the most of all the space available in/on a trailer. If you have a large quantity of goods to be transported, reserving a full trailer would probably be the best solution. A less-than-truckload (LTL) transport means a load containing goods from different companies consolidated in one trailer. This type of load usually stops often along the way for multiple pick-ups and deliveries. The transit time is therefore longer compared to a Truckload. However, shippers should save on transportation costs. We invite you to note that no pick-up and/or delivery appointment can be guaranteed in the case of partial loads since there are too many imponderables that are often beyond the control of the parties involved. Less-than-truckload (LTL) is the transportation of goods that do not fill a full trailer, whether the goods are palletized or loaded directly on the ground in/on the truck. It is the most cost-effective option since many companies pay for the use of the same trailer. Each company therefore pays for the space that is used by its loaded and secured merchandise in the trailer. Our team of experts will be able to guide you towards the best solution.   

 There are several types of truck transport: closed trailer transport and open trailer transport. In addition, there are also several types of equipment for transporting freight on the road. Road transportation by closed trailer is the most used type of freight transportation in Canada and the United States. It is designed to transport goods on pallets or even loaded on the ground such as furniture products. This type of road transport protects the merchandise against bad weather and physical damages. It also reduces the chances of theft along the way. It is also possible to transport goods that need to be kept at a controlled temperature. If this is the case, this type of trailer should normally be equipped with a refrigeration unit where it is possible to refrigerate and/or heat the products loaded in the trailer. The standard enclosed trailer (non-refrigerated) is the ideal type of trailer for transporting consumer goods such as clothing, food products, beverages, health products, industrial products, plastic products and others. The open trailer allows the loading and unloading of the goods to be done not only from the back of the trailer but also from its sides. This is very useful when you need to transport oversized or irregularly shaped loads. Often, this type of trailer does not allow loading and/or unloading of goods using a warehouse dock. There are several types of open trailers such as: flat beds, step-deck trailers, drop decks, detachable gooseneck, roll-tite, low platform with ramps, etc. Do not hesitate to call us and we will develop the right logistics solution to meet your needs and requirements. 

Cross-border logistics solution

Our team has implemented cross-border logistics solutions for American and Canadian small and medium-sized businesses seeking to move their goods on Canadian-US routes.

For more information, visit Canada Simplified and Ship USA Simplified.