The history of AP International

From 1995 until today

AP International - Freight Broker since 1995

Freight brokering organization

AP International was founded by Mr. Alain Plouffe, after investing most of his career in the world of asset-based transportation, decided to change the rule by launching his own non-asset-based freight brokering organization. Such company would be totally independent from asset-based carrier and 100% focused at providing the best customer service considering the countless alternatives and the over-present competition.

At that time, the business focused solely on offering local trucking services. In October 2012, AP was acquired by Mr. Richard Martel. Richard bought the company with a clear vision in mind: maintain optimal level of service while implementing a growth strategy. Such strategy would combine new clients, new logistics services, new carriers and an aggressive acquisition plan.

Logistics services

Since the transfer of ownership, AP has developed new logistics services: trucking, rail freight, ocean shipping, air freight and intermodal transportation solutions. Our team also offers warehousing and distribution services across North America.

The year 2015 marked the company’s 20th year anniversary in the logistics and transportation industry. In August 2016, AP made its very first business acquisition buying Vennex, a previous freight broker in the greater Montreal area who offered 30 years of loyal services. In May 2017, the company completed its 2nd business acquisition buying Tomkem transport, also a freight broker who was in business since 1988.

AP International’s future looks fascinating! You could definitely count on our team to stay focused at serving our clients in the future!