TPP Simplified

Freight Broker | Transportation between Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc.


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TPP Simplified provides a comprehensive transportation network enabling you to effectively transport your goods across all eleven countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Air freight

Air freight Canada and Trans-Pacific - Australia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Get direct access to cargo and passenger airlines to major airports in all eleven countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Ocean freight

Ocean freight - Canada and Trans-Pacific - Australia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Leverage our network of ocean shipping lines to transport your goods between major ports in Canada and other countries involved in the TPP.

Inland transport

Inland transport Canada and Trans-Pacific - Australia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Take advantage of our international presence in all eleven TPP countries to allow you to meet your vendor’s and buyer’s door pick-ups and deliveries.

Canada to Trans-Pacific by air

Are you looking to export goods from Canada to countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by air?

We have established partnerships with several airlines that carry regular commodities from Canada to many airports across the globe. Not only do we offer terminal to terminal transport solutions, we also offer door to door solutions. Top-level safety measures are implemented throughout our process, from the delivery of your goods to our terminals, to their transportation via our partner’s aircraft, from storage to delivery to the consignee.

Canada to Europe by ocean

Are you looking to import freight from countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Canada by air?

We manage goods transportation from countries apart of the agreement to return anywhere in Canada. Over time, we have developed partnerships with companies of the Trans-Pacific partnership allowing us to offer air freight services to return goods to our Canadian customers’ facilities. We carry regular goods and products, which by their nature, require special handling in order to protect their integrity as much as possible and to meet our customers’

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Would you prefer to export your goods from Canada to countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by ocean?

Our team provides comprehensive ocean export services to countries of the partnership from Canada. We have access to a huge ocean carrier network ensuring you get competitive FCL and LCL tariffs. We provide palletized and containerized transportation services, offering both port to port and door to door transportation solutions.

import your goods from Europe to Canada by ocean

Would you prefer to import your goods from countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Canada by ocean?

With our broad range of ocean freight services supplying different types of equipment and consolidated services, we ensure your freight reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost- efficient way. Working in collaboration with many steamship lines and ocean alliances, we can offer weekly services from major container ports within Canada and countries of the agreement.

your goods transported within Canada

Are you looking to have your goods transported within Canada?

We offer Canadian inland transportation solutions. Whether your goods need to be delivered to a consignee’s location from a Canadian port/airport or perhaps need to be picked up at a shipper’s facility and delivered to a port/airport, we have partners with several transportation equipment and accessories that are able to haul your goods between two Canadian locations.

transported within TPP

Does your freight need to be transported within countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Our team’s international presence in all eleven countries of the TPP make it easier for you and help in delivering your goods directly to a consignee’s location as well as picking them up from your vendor’s facility and delivering them to a seaport/airport before being sent offshore.

Why choose TPP Simplified?

  • To simplify your overseas logistics workload
  • To stop wasting your time and get to focus on your value-added activities
  • To have quick and easy access to complete overseas transportation solutions
  • To achieve new levels of performance in your operations

  • To communicate effectively with your clients and responding to their requirements

  • To increase productivity

  • To ensure your supply chain is working effectively and efficiently to assure smooth operations

  • To assure to deliver within your vendor’s and buyer’s agreed terms

  • To gain agility

What questions come to a shipper’s mind when shipping overseas?

There is no way that is completely safe to ship overseas. In fact, there is no complete safe way of shipping at all. There are many risks associated to transportation : weather conditions, mechanical issues, road accidents, theft, loss, just to name a few. There exists two ways to ship overseas : by air or by ocean. Depending on your shipping requirements, one suits better than the other. The main difference resides in transit time needs and the dimensions of your freight.
To port means that the delivery of goods takes place at a named port. In contrast, to door means that the delivery of goods takes place at a named inland location. This means that inland transportation from the port or terminal where the goods have arrived will be required to deliver the goods to a consignee’s facility.
Choose a rigid, good quality, corrugated cardboard box, pallet or crate. Make sure your name and destination is on every unit. If you are reusing a box, be sure to remove old shipping labels or cover up old addresses. Make your boxes full and tight. Do not leave air space in your box otherwise when other boxes are stacked on top of it, the one underneath will breakdown.
Normal terminal working times are Monday to Friday between 08:00 to 17:00 local time. However, we strongly advise you take the time to verify with the appropriate terminal so they confirm their opening hours per service.
No, you do not. It is at your own-risk. If an incident occurs, your freight would be covered under legal liability standard to the applicable transportation mode. We offer cargo insurance coverage. If you choose not to take out insurance with us, you will be agreeing to not claim against us or hold us responsible for any damages or loss caused, if applicable.
Call our cargo insurance representative: 1-866-977-9343
An invoice will be sent to you once all the paperwork, measurements and total weight have been confirmed. Payment in full is required before setting up the pick-up arrangements.
We accept wire transfers in both Canadian and American dollar. You can also pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). For credit card payments, we add a 3% administrative fee.
Yes, you will need to. Customs is the governing agency that verifies items going into and out of a country are both legal and allowed. We suggest you to contact your customs broker whom should be able to assist you with the documents you will need to complete.
Every country has its own rules for the import and export of goods into and out of its territory, which its customs authority applies. Some goods may be restricted or forbidden for import and/or export.
Make sure to use a licensed logistics packaging company to pack guns, ammunition, food and anything hazardous including cleaning materials. Beware if the price is too low. There are a lot of operators whom will give you a very cheap rate and find an excuse to double your cost once they have possession of your freight. Make sure your boxes are all packed tight and well taped shut. Make sure your name is on all pieces. Do use a lot of bubble wrap.

Call your TPP Simplified logistics advisor.

Multiply your length, width and height figures together, giving you a total in cubic inches. Divide the total by 1728 (as there are 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot).
Yes, and its importance varies subject to the transport mode.
There exists two loading and unloading methods for containers. There is what is called a “live load” where you usually get two hours free at loading/unloading, and if additional time is needed, extra charges are to be applied thereafter. The second method is called “drop and pick” which usually comes handy when you need more time to load/unload. The container would be dropped at your facility and collected 24, 48 hours or more following the drop of the container. The same concept is applied for 20 FT and 40 FT containers.
Unfortunately, it cannot be. There are too many aspects that could affect the rate before and during transit. For example, currency fluctuations, detention, demurrage, storage, inspection, peak season surcharge, bunker, fuel surcharge, emergency surcharge, war risk surcharge, security surcharge and other fluctuation charges.

TPP Simplified : 1-866-977-9343.

Our team manages transportation projects through Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

TPP Simplified is part of AP International‘s international logistics transportation solutions aimed at helping small-medium sized Canadian businesses import and export their freight between Canada and all other countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

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