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Simplified temperature-controlled transportation service

Some transports sometimes have logistics specifications that require special attention. A large part of the goods transported worldwide require to be kept at very precise temperatures for the duration of their travels. Regardless of the transportation mode you want to use, your cargo is exposed to a number of risks during its transit. It may be 10 degrees below normal while travelling in Canada and once the shipment reaches the United States, the outside temperature may be 20 degrees above normal. A fluctuating outside temperature presents a significant risk to the quality and freshness of your products loaded in a trailer. Since the climate can change instantly, it is essential to ensure that your goods are loaded in temperature-controlled trailers.

Ambient temperature, refrigerated, frozen or even heated in order to maintain the temperature of the goods to protect them from freezing and/or heat.

Choosing the right carrier is key to the success of such a project. Our logistics team can help you make the right choice. The unlimited capacity of our partners will ensure you a very high availability, at the place and time required.

Temperature controlled supply chain

  • Transportation of food products (agri-food, perishable goods)
    • Transportation of dairy products
    • Transportation of meat
  • Transportation of pharmaceutical products
  • Transportation of frozen products (deep-frozen products)
  • Transportation of health products
  • Transportation of alcoholic beverages

Choose peace of mind in your logistics

Today’s technology has evolved to allow us to closely monitor and access temperature reports from both refrigerated and heated transport trailers. With refrigerated vans and refrigerated trailers, technology allows us to obtain reports, have greater control of ambient conditions and monitor remotely. It is even possible to adjust and control multiple temperatures in the same trailer and transport fresh and frozen food simultaneously.

Most of the units used by our carriers and partners are tracked and validated. Thanks to our carrier’s network, we have access to advanced equipment in order to maintain the respected temperature and conditions indicated at the beginning of the mandate.

  • Simplified handling of your shipments
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Flexibility
  • Availability, whenever you need it
  • Teamwork between our carriers, our team members and you
  • Many logistics services available at the same place
  • And many other advantages

Preserve all your temperature-sensitive freight with the outstanding service of your AP Team!