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Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 🎉

6 May 2022|Nouvelles|

Dear AP community, Yesterday was the very popular holiday Cinco de Mayo which is mainly celebrated in Mexico and in the United States.  For the occasion, the entire AP international team wanted to wish FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO  to all our customers, suppliers, and freight carriers. We hope that this special [...]

Russia’s war raging in Ukraine

24 March 2022|Nouvelles|

Ukraine is one of the gateways to the land network on which China relies to develop its trade with western European countries. Unfortunately, the European Union sanctions imposed on Russian businesses put the whole world in a precarious situation. Several ocean carriers, airlines and freight forwarders have also confirmed that they [...]

Welcome Kassandra!

14 March 2022|Nouvelles|

We are very much excited to share with you another important piece of news! Our AP Family is growing again, only this time announcing the addition of Kassandra Lauzon as Customer Service Advisor to our client experience team. Having accumulated quite some years of experience in logistics and transportation, we are most certain [...]

International Women’s Day 2022

8 March 2022|Nouvelles|

Today is the International Women's Day highlighting the fight for women's rights, including ending gender inequality. Women have demonstrated that their influential capabilities and economic strengths are just as good as men's. Their participation in the development and well-being of our societies must be recognized. Women now represent an integral part [...]

2022 Spring Thaw Period

16 February 2022|Nouvelles|

To our community, users of heavy vehicles and shippers having shipments coming to or from Quebec : “MTQ (Le Ministère du transport du Québec)” reminds you that the authorized load limits are reduced during the 2022 thaw period in the following three thaw zones: Zone 1 covers southern Quebec, including Montreal, [...]

3 years as part of the AP Team!

10 February 2022|Nouvelles|

We are very proud to celebrate the 3rd professional work anniversary of our colleague Varinder Sharma, Logistics Advisor, within the AP Team! We greatly appreciate your hard work, dedication, availability, and team spirit. Thank you Varinder for your tremendous contribution to AP International which is a sign of our rapid growth [...]

Chinese New Year is coming!

27 January 2022|Nouvelles|

Chinese New Year 2022 will begin on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022, marking the start of the Year of the Tiger. This year, Chinese New Year festivities will last from January 31 to February 15. As a public holiday, the Chinese will have 7 days off from January 31 to February 6, [...]

The AP Women!

21 December 2021|Nouvelles|

Women make a difference, and together we can rock the world! Women allow us to go further, faster! There is room for women in all departments: in North American and international operations, in sales, in marketing, in accounting and finance, in human resources, in the warehouse and as truck drivers! Encouraging [...]

2021 AP Holidays Celebration

17 December 2021|Nouvelles|

Last night, we launched our 2021 AP Holidays Celebration with our traditional gift exchange! 🎁😊 Then, in the comfort and luxury of our limousines, the AP TEAM was hosted at the renowned Europea restaurant in downtown Montreal. Jérôme Ferrer, one of the greatest Chefs, took great care of us providing an [...]

4 years within the AP Team!

14 December 2021|Nouvelles|

Today, we are proud and happy to celebrate the 4th professional work anniversary of our colleague Kim Martel, Customer Service Chief Advocate, who has been part of the AP TEAM for 4 years! We are very happy to have you on the team. Your enthusiasm, dedication, rigorous work, availability and of [...]

Vancouver Port Operations Update

3 December 2021|Nouvelles|

To all our AP community, Kindly note that Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Canadian National Railway (CN) eastbound and westbound trains are operating on CP’s mainline between Vancouver and Kamloops. CN engineers continue to make progress on repairs to its main line between Kamloops and Boston Bar. CN expects to restore [...]

A new intern within our team!

29 November 2021|Nouvelles|

Hello AP community, As of today, November 29th, Fayçal Tirane joins our North American operations team for a 4-week internship as a logistics coordinator. Following this internship, he will complete his logistics studies at Andre-Laurendeau college. Welcome aboard Fayçal to the AP team!

Welcome aboard the AP team!

16 November 2021|Nouvelles|

We are very happy to officially announce the arrival of a new colleague to our team as an International Logistics Advisor! Mei Jing Wu joins our international logistics team after having successfully completed a three-week internship within this team. This internship allowed her to complete her AEC in logistics at Champlain [...]

Welcome aboard!

12 November 2021|Nouvelles|

We are very happy to welcome a new intern to the AP team! Tereza Rizou joins our North American Operations team for a 3 week internship. Following this internship, she will complete her administration program at the Centre de formation l'Impulsion in Laval. Welcome Tereza to the AP team!

Happy 1st work anniversary!

9 November 2021|Nouvelles|

Today, we would like to congratulate our colleague Melisa DeRosa, Customer Service Advisor, who has been with the AP team for 1 year! We are very happy to have you apart of the team. Your smile, enthusiasm, hard work and team spirit are elements that make you an outstanding colleague. Thank [...]

Happy Diwali!

4 November 2021|Nouvelles|

Diwali, or Dipawali, is the largest and most important festival and holiday of the year in India. This holiday takes its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects against spiritual darkness. Diwali is celebrated for five [...]

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