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Diesel prices continue to be a major source of pain for the transportation industry and the global economy

19 January 2023|News|

YES, the price of regular gas has significantly declined lately! However, the price of diesel has hardly changed in recent months and remains awfully high! Why is the price of fuel be more than 50% more expensive than regular gas? This has a direct impact on carriers' operating costs, as most [...]

A U.S. master plan that will affect the transportation sector 🇺🇸

13 January 2023|News|

Earlier this week, President Joe Bidden released the first-ever blueprint for decarbonizing the U.S. transportation sector. It is a historic and ambitious strategy that aims to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector by 2050.  Solutions will need to be put in place to make commercial transportation by truck, [...]

AP TEAM celebrates!

30 December 2022|News|

It was a day of celebration on Friday, December 23, at AP International 🎉 The team members started celebrating in the office, during the afternoon, on a catchy musical background. The traditional exchange of gifts took place, in an atmosphere of festive camaraderie 🎁 THE AP TEAM then went by limousine [...]

News in the United States 🇺🇸

2 December 2022|News|

A rail freight strike was averted in the United States, thanks to the intervention of elected members of the House of Representatives. This is good news for the American economy, because the consequences of a paralysis of the railway industry would have been disastrous. To read the news: [...]

2022 fiscal year assessment

22 November 2022|News|

A very positive 2021-2022 report for AP International, your transport broker. Here is a brief summary of the results for the fiscal year that ended on September 30th, 2022. This date also marked the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of AP by Mr. Richard Martel. The financial results exceeded all [...]

Lest we forget

11 November 2022|News|

Today, we celebrate Remembrance Day. We commemorate the men and women in uniform, past, present and future while thanking them for their service. At the eleventh hour of the day, we will observe two minutes of silence to pay tribute to all who have fallen while thinking of those who have [...]

Happy Diwali 2022

23 October 2022|News|

India celebrates the Diwali festival with a dazzling display of lights. A time for feasts, prayers and fireworks, Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. Known as the festival of lights, it symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Happy [...]

Hurricane Ian

28 September 2022|News, Non classifié(e)|

Due to the arrival of Hurricane Ian in Florida, several transport companies are preparing for possible damage and therefore for very limited operations or suspended for an indefinite time.   Expedited and grouped distribution shipments for the Tampa and Fort Myers areas are currently closed. We strongly recommend to keep informed [...]

Happy Moon festival !🌙

12 September 2022|News, Non classifié(e)|

We would like to take a moment to wish all our Chinese customers, suppliers and carriers a happy Mid-Autumn festival taking place from September 10th to 12th.  On a more historical note, this festival is also called the Moon Festival and it is a tradition back more than 1300 years that leads citizens to take [...]

Happy Canada day!🍁

30 June 2022|News, Non classifié(e)|

Dear AP community, Tomorrow, July 1, is Canada Day.🍁 We would like to take a moment to wish all our Canadian suppliers, carriers, and customers a happy Canada Day. May this day off for many Canadians be beautiful and live up to our heritage and culture. please note that ongoing transportation [...]

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 🎉

6 May 2022|News|

Dear AP community, Yesterday was the very popular holiday Cinco de Mayo which is mainly celebrated in Mexico and in the United States.  For the occasion, the entire AP international team wanted to wish FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO  to all our customers, suppliers, and freight carriers. We hope that this special [...]

Russia’s war raging in Ukraine

24 March 2022|News|

Ukraine is one of the gateways to the land network on which China relies to develop its trade with western European countries. Unfortunately, the European Union sanctions imposed on Russian businesses put the whole world in a precarious situation. Several ocean carriers, airlines and freight forwarders have also confirmed that they [...]

Welcome Kassandra!

14 March 2022|News|

We are very much excited to share with you another important piece of news! Our AP Family is growing again, only this time announcing the addition of Kassandra Lauzon as Customer Service Advisor to our client experience team. Having accumulated quite some years of experience in logistics and transportation, we are most certain [...]

International Women’s Day 2022

8 March 2022|News|

Today is the International Women's Day highlighting the fight for women's rights, including ending gender inequality. Women have demonstrated that their influential capabilities and economic strengths are just as good as men's. Their participation in the development and well-being of our societies must be recognized. Women now represent an integral part [...]

2022 Spring Thaw Period

16 February 2022|News|

To our community, users of heavy vehicles and shippers having shipments coming to or from Quebec : “MTQ (Le Ministère du transport du Québec)” reminds you that the authorized load limits are reduced during the 2022 thaw period in the following three thaw zones: Zone 1 covers southern Quebec, including Montreal, [...]

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