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Canadian “bio-asphalt”: an ecological revolution on our roads? 🌲🛣️🌍

28 September 2023|News|

Unprecedented innovation in the road infrastructure industry! The FPInnovations organization, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MTSM) and the Eurovia firm, is exploring a remarkable breakthrough for our roads. 🌱 The idea: Use up to 15% forest residues in our asphalt mixes to create what's known [...]

🌎 Maritime collaboration for a green transition 🚢

27 September 2023|News|

Two shipping giants, #CMACGM and #Maersk, have joined forces for an unprecedented initiative: accelerating the green transition in the maritime industry. 🤝 🔍 Together, they will explore: Green fuels and their life cycles. Setting standards for green methanol ships. Port readiness for bio/ethanol bunkering. Ammonia as a potential future fuel. This [...]

🔋 The rising importance of low-voltage batteries in electric trucks 🚛

19 September 2023|News|

The electric trucks of the future are not confined to high-voltage batteries. The 12-volt low-voltage batteries also have an essential role to play! Clarios, a leader in the field, is ramping up its investment in this vital technology, marking a recent step forward with the acquisition of Paragon. 🌱 According to [...]

📊⛽ The primary fuel for trucking is on the rise for the eighth consecutive week!

15 September 2023|News|

The fuel sector is experiencing new turbulence, with a repeated increase in diesel prices. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the price of diesel now stands at $4.54 per gallon. 🔍 These figures indicate a trend that is concerning market players. The warning issued by the International Energy Agency about [...]

Prepare your supply chain for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day 🇨🇳

13 September 2023|News|

We'd like to draw your attention to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day celebrations on September 29 and October 1 respectively. This will start a week-long national vacation filled with festivities across the country. Please note that from Friday, September 29 to Friday, October 6, the majority of businesses [...]

We are thrilled to introduce a new member to our growing logistics team! 😊

13 September 2023|News|

Please warmly welcome our new International Logistics Advisor, Vladimir Rodrigues de Lima! Hailing from Brazil, 🇧🇷 our new colleague took the big leap to Canada with his spouse a year and a half ago, bringing with him a rich tapestry of experiences and skills that will surely enhance our logistics operations. [...]

🚛 A new direction at Canada Customs: the logistics of the future! 🇨🇦

30 August 2023|News|

Canada's transportation industry is about to undergo an unprecedented transformation! The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is preparing to modernize its system for collecting duties and taxes on commercial goods imported into Canada, The implementation of this state-of-the-art solution, the Canada Border Services Agency's Revenue and Assessment Management (CARM), should not [...]

⚠️ Oceanic Emergency: Maritime transport industry tested by climate warming!

28 August 2023|News|

The rise in ocean temperatures isn't just a hot topic for environmentalists; it's also a wake-up call for the maritime sector. 🚢 ✅ Record ocean temperatures are causing extreme weather conditions, threatening sea routes. ✅ The Atlantic is 1°C warmer than in 2020, a temperature that could intensify hurricanes, disrupting maritime [...]

Celebrating Stéphane Paquin’s 5 years of dedication at AP International!

28 August 2023|News|

Today, we take a moment to recognize and celebrate the 5th professional anniversary of Stéphane Paquin, our Director of Business Development. Since his arrival, Stéphane has consistently brought his passion, dedication, and of course, his unmistakable sense of humor that brightens our days! He has infused genuine energy into the team [...]

🚢 Panama Canal facing crisis

11 August 2023|News|

Delays are growing at the Panama Canal, leading to a major crisis in the maritime world. An unprecedented drought has resulted in the reduction of daily transit capacity, significantly impacting international trade. 🌏 Shippers are in emergency mode, seeking alternative routes and reorganizing Asian paths. Wait times for merchant vessels have [...]

🔊 Good news! The port dispute in British Columbia has come to an end 🚢

7 August 2023|News|

Members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada (ILWUC) have accepted, with a 74.66% majority, the tentative agreement with the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA). 🤝 After 13 days of striking, the normalization of port operations will have a beneficial impact not only on employers and workers but also [...]

The urgency of climate adaptation: Panama Canal limits naval transits amidst drought 🚢

27 July 2023|News|

The impact of climate change is being felt across the globe, and the Panama Canal is no exception. Faced with a severe drought, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced drastic measures to conserve water. 💧 Starting from July 30, 2023, the number of ship transits will be limited to an [...]

Time is of the Essence: The Impact of the Port Strike on the Canadian Economy 🇨🇦🚢

4 July 2023|News|

Launched on July 1st, the port strike in British Columbia involves more than 7000 dockworkers and represents a critical issue for Canada. ⚠️ The situation is complex: while some parties are calling for Ottawa's intervention to quickly resolve the conflict due to the potential impact on global maritime transport and the [...]

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