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One of the most important logistics providers

Founded in 1995 and incorporated in December 1996, AP International is one of the largest non-capitalized logistics providers (3PLs) in Canada. Since its inception, AP has been providing logistics services to many clients across the Americas.

Headquartered in Canada, there’s no need to add the team’s expertise to Canadian and cross-border logistics with our American friends. AP’s team of experts can help you ship merchandise anywhere in the world. To perform these services, it relies on the capacity and knowledge of a vast network of specialized companies, be they trucking companies, intermodal and rail services, shipping lines, airlines and suppliers. warehousing and distribution services.

The team can also provide clients with a wide range of consulting services to help them solve supply chain management issues.

Growth-based strategy

Since 2012, AP knows a phenomenal growth! In the last quarter of the same year, a new strategy based on growth was designed and deployed and this strategy still dominates the company’s destiny. This growth is fueled by the motivation of the team to execute the growth plan and also by the fascination of the management team to keep up the pace.

Human capital is at the heart of success

CEO since October 2012, Richard Martel himself is fascinated by change (because of his Darwinist style of management) and growth. For the latter, growth is not only financial, but much more important is the personal and professional growth of all members of the team. At AP, human capital is at the heart of the company’s success!

The coming years are very exciting for everyone and we invite you to read the latest news. The year 2015-2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the company.

Looking forward to meeting you and especially to collaborate logistically.

Richard Martel, CEO

Richard Martel - AP International