AP Fresh

Transport de produits alimentaires

From the earth to your plate!

AP Fresh is one of AP’s several divisions. This one takes care of handling the transportation and logistics of food products.

No need for you to worry anymore! Our specialized team handles the transport and logistics of many different types of food products on a daily basis, such as:

  • Fresh products
  • Frozen products
  • Meat
  • Grocery products
  • Beverages

Logistics services offered:

  • Ground transport
  • Ocean transport
  • Air freight
  • Warehousing and distribution

Call on our team to help you manage the logistics of your food products.

Our team has many years of experience in the food and beverage industry!

Opting for AP Fresh’s service solutions could become a profitable decision for your business.

Time is money. One of our objectives is to give you back time so you could focus on your value-added activities.

With AP Fresh, you’ll have access to a vast network of specialized carriers with equipment and accessories adapted to your industry’s needs and respecting the standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Avoid undesired last-minute surprises. Our team makes sure to rigorously follow-up your shipments and keep you informed from beginning to project end.

Using AP Fresh is a time-saving, profitable and simple solution!

AP International is a member of the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation.