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$2/lb or $4.41/kg

At AP International, protecting your cargo agains inherent risks has been a priority since 1995!

Please beware that prior to working with a transportation company, we always make sure that they have the required insurance to protect your merchandise. We keep a copy of these documents at all times and conduct an annual audit of all our suppliers to obtain a copy of the renewal of their insurance titles. The carrier is the one who is ultimately responsible for protecting your merchandise. His maximum liability is $2/lb or $4.41/kg for trucking transportation services in North America.

In conjunction with the above-mentioned insurance audit, we ensure that the company has the necessary equipment and permits to safely transport your goods and that they are in good standing.

The AP cargo protection plan

To ensure adequate protection, our company also has its own insurance titles offering additional liability and cargo coverage, if necessary.

In order to ensure maximum management of your financial risks and protect you against the risks that may occur during transport, our team offers you access to the AP cargo protection plan. This is an optional cargo insurance plan put in place to help you better protect your goods in transit. In the event of an incident, our insurance partner will promptly reimburse you for the commercial value insured for loss or damage to your goods during transportation.

Start your next transportation project with peace of mind.

Start your logistics projects peacefully

Despite all the precautions you take before carrying out a transport, there will always be risks of incidents. Be careful and start your projects with peace of mind by adhering to the AP cargo protection plan.

Our cargo insurance plan not only covers goods that are transported by truck but also by ocean vessel and aircraft.

For more information, please contact a member of our team.