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Oversized transportation services

Some transports sometimes have logistics specifications that require special attention. Take for example the planning of a transport of heavy or oversized goods (non-standard goods, non-standard transport).

The choice of the carrier is key in the success of such a transport. Our logistics team is able to help you make the right choice. The unlimited capacity of our partners will ensure you a very high availability, at the place and time required.

Outsized transport – Heavy Haul transportation

Outsized transport forces all the parties involved in such a project to put in place effective planning involving not only transit time but also many other elements such as the management of specialized permits, the availability of road escort vehicles, police coordination and the management of the laws governing state and provincial trucking between Canada and the United States.

Only effective preproject planning and experienced project management could ensure the success of such a delivery and thus the complete satisfaction of your customers in the supply chain. You can trust our team to ensure the smooth running of your next oversized transport.

What is oversized transportation?

It is the transportation of a load that exceeds the dimensions or legal weight limits that a truck must carry. Examples include construction equipment, heavy machinery, forestry and agricultural machinery, mining equipment, water treatment equipment and power plant equipment. Most of these loads cannot be divided into smaller parts that would fit into the dimensions of a standard load. Heavy or oversized transportation can be a significant challenge. There are several things to consider before moving heavy or oversized cargo : the required trailer dimensions (LxWxH + total weight), the choice of itinerary, signs for heavy and overwidth loads, cargo securement equipment, and state/provincial regulations regarding oversized transportation. It is important to consider that regulations vary from state to state and also from province to province. The supplier you use should be aware of the regulations in each of the regions in which you plan to move your merchandise.

What makes a shipment an oversized load?

load is considered oversized according to its widthlengthheight and/or weight. A load may be considered oversized if only one of its components exceeds the maximum allowable limits of all the regions concerned. Goods can therefore be considered oversized based on its width only. It can be considered oversized according to all its dimensions or even its total weight only. Before transporting an oversized load, you must be aware of all the regulations regarding the maximum authorized dimensions and weights, the traffic schedules allowed on the roads, the need for the load to be preceded and/or followed by one or more pilot cars, obtaining permits allowing you to travel in very specific locations, the required road signs on the freight, the trailer used for transportation, etc. This type of loading requires very specialized transport equipment (e.g. multi-axle loaders).

What AP does for you?

Our team has the mandate to take charge of the transportation of your construction equipment, heavy machinery, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, water treatment equipment and power plant equipment in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Our team of experts will assist you in preparing the transportation of your oversized shipment and will guide you on choosing the best solutions. We will take responsibility of selecting the right partners who will be able to transport your oversized goods from their points of origin to their destinations. We will also take charge of tracking your shipments for you and make sure to keep you informed every step of the way.

Why choose AP?

Because we are passionate about our work, we like to learn new things and take on new challenges every day, we like to compete, we are available whenever you need us, we are easy to reach, we offer different reliable services, our customer care service is different from others, we want to make a real difference in such a large and fast-paced industry, we are transparent, we are a multilingual team (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi and Mandarin), our team is varied in professional experience and age, but above all because we listen to your needs and execute quickly. All this allows us to simplify your oversized logistics workload!