September 30th, 2020 marked the end of AP International’s 25th fiscal year! It has been a very special year, filled with ups and downs, worries, but thankfully, many reliefs as well! As for many of you, the Coronavirus has turned the plans upside down! For many, COVID-19 has had (and continue to) negative impacts affecting revenues, profit margins and more importantly, employee morale.
For others, the effects have been positive after being quarantined in our respective regions! Companies react differently to change; positively for some and the opposite for others! Only sound and thorough risk management policies may protect you from those sudden changes!

According to Richard Martel, CEO of AP International :

‘’ I am extremely proud to share that AP International has had a remarkable fiscal yearend and a strong return to growth! Our team has been able to deal with this virus and maintain a high level of quality service! I would like to acknowledge the excellent teamwork done by everyone. In these uncertain times, we made greater efforts and proved that together we can go further. This amazing comeback would not have been possible without the trust of our clients and our thousands of logistics business partners.

Let’s stay healthy, keep our spirits up and look forward to a brighter future together!

Thank you ‘’