It has been 28 years since the truck driver Reginald Denny was pulled out of his truck driving cab and nearly beaten to death during the Los Angeles riots after four policemen charged with using excessive force in the beating of African-American driver Rodney King were acquitted.

Over the last few days, protests have gone off in several North American cities since George Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody. Public safety worry has left truck drivers delivering freight in many regions on edge.

Luckily, truckers now have access to real-time information about potential brawls in hot spots across the continent rather than getting such information from local radio stations.

AP has decided to increase its situational awareness for each of its clients’ north American trucking requests to respond to this crisis:

  • We remain aware of specific travel area curfew restrictions
  • We stay updated on latest news reports

If we could avoid cities where disturbance might be taking place versus running through a downtown riot area, we will do so with the approval of our clients and partner carriers.

As a 3PL and freight broker, we oblige ourselves to make certain that our partners’ truck drivers are safe and not confronted in a no-win position, always. This in turn guarantees our clients cargo stays protected and avoids being damaged perhaps even stolen.