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Transport Aérien | Canada • États-Unis • Mexique • Amérique latine • Europe • Asie

International air transport broker

When in an emergency, air transport becomes the preferred mode of international transport.

If you are constrained by time, AP International is able to provide you with an aviation logistics solution specifically tailored to your needs through the many partnerships we have established with the largest airlines.

Types of air freight solutions:

  • Priority and economic
  • Terminal to terminal and door to door
  • International coverage :
    – North America
    – Latin America
    – Europe
    – Asia
    – Oceania

International transportation solution

Whether it’s for air travel within Canada (domestic air transport) or internationally, our international logistics team is able to help you ensure the timely and secure receipt and / or delivery of your merchandise through plane.

Our team has put in place a number of international logistics solutions for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to transport their goods by air between Canada and the following territories: Mexico, Latin American countries, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit Mexico Simplified, Latin America Simplified, Europe Simplified, and Asia Simplified.

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