September 30th, 2021 marked the end of the 26th fiscal year in AP International’s history. For a second consecutive year in a row, 2021 turned out to be another very unique year!

On one hand, we had to continue to cope with the virus and its variants! In this context, AP proudly announced in August that 100% of the team had received its double dose vaccination; this finally allowed for a gradual return to the office and a return to ” normal life “! Throughout the year, we were able to maintain teleworking and learn to deal with this new reality! The implementation of cloud-based technologies was certainly a key element to our success in 2021!

On the other hand, our industry was undergoing many changes! Repeated congestion at all ports, both Asian and North American, was the main cause of concerns for global supply chains! With the rapid increase in global economic activity, we also experienced (and continue to do so) severe shortage of shipping containers… Throughout the year, international transportation prices have maintained a dreadful upward curve, despite transit times running out of control! On the North American market, the driver’s shortage, and the increase of the gas prices at the pump also had inflationary effects on trucking rates! As for the railways, they were also affected by the increasing number of containers on their infrastructure coast to coast! However, the congestion of the ocean transport has had a positive impact on air freight; numerous manufacturers deciding to use air freight to ensure the rapid reception of their raw materials! In other words, a year filled with changes and logistics challenges for all of our clients!

In terms of results, 2021 was an exceptional year for AP International! Thanks to our clients continued trust, revenues have increased by more than 40% as of September 30, 2021 compared to September 30, 2020. The number of logistics mandates have increased by 25% while the average value of these mandates will have increased by 15%. The number of clients served by the team jumped by more than 20% while the number of new clients increased by 116% compared to the previous year! The number of business partners increased by 25%. All performance indicators were up as of September 30, 2021! The targets have all been met and even surpassed thanks to an unparalleled teamwork! It is important to mention that this teamwork was not only between the team members, but also with the clients and logistics partners! An exceptional combination for a high level of quality service!

Finally, we were able to add more than 30% of new resources to the human capital of the AP TEAM! Recruitment and training are everyone’s business at AP and we take the scarcity of resources very seriously considering the company’s growth!

Despite reaching multiple new records, the company was able to manage its business risks successfully.


According to Richard Martel, CEO of AP International :

“As it has been true for the past nine (9) years (since the acquisition of AP International in October 2012), I am very proud of our company’s results and I would like to share with you that we had a most exceptional financial year in 2021 from all perspectives. With the market demand for all of our services clearly on the rise, I am very proud to say that our company’s reputation and recognition are also rising. A few years ago, we decided to invest in new logistics services and a few years later, these services are clearly taken off; the results of the last year show it! In order to propel our customer service quality, we also decided to invest in new processes and additional human capital! It is important to know that we invest on average much more at AP than our competitors to ensure a unique customer experience and I can only draw a direct correlation between this strategic investment and AP’s success in 2021! We will continue to invest in this direction in the upcoming year! Customers tell us loud and clear, service is the most important criteria!

I would like to congratulate and recognize each and every member of our team for their excellent work! In 2021, teamwork was the key factor in our success and will remain so for years to come! This will have propelled our growth while providing a high level of quality service to our clients.

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the trust of our customers and business partners. On behalf of all my colleagues, I thank you!

Together, we go further!