A very positive 2021-2022 report for AP International, your transport broker.

Here is a brief summary of the results for the fiscal year that ended on September 30th, 2022. This date also marked the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of AP by Mr. Richard Martel.

The financial results exceeded all expectations and the established key performance indicators were fully achieved!

A few words from Mr. Richard Martel :

” While a decade may seem like a long time to some, this past one has been a very high-speed journey for AP. What pride to see that the business strategy established more than ten years ago is still in effect and that our plan continues to be based on growth, values, team spirit and exemplary customer service! Moreover, customer service is and will remain the key to our success, despite the many imperfections that can be found in the freight transportation industry!

I would like to take this moment to thank each of our customers for the trust shown throughout this decade! You can’t buy trust, you have to earn it, and I’m proud to say that our team has risen to this challenge!

I am both happy to share the good news throughout this past year and sad to see it end! This tenth year was exceptional! Our team has reached new heights and has developed a relationship of trust with a record number of customers and business partners. This has allowed us to carry out an unprecedented number of logistics transactions (over the road, warehousing, air and ocean shipping), allowing us to increase our revenues and our profitability.

What a great start for the next decade! By comparing ourselves to some of our competitors, we are very proud to see that our growth has been significantly higher than the average for our industry! This leads me to believe that our business strategy is the right one and that our team brings real value to its customers! “

Well-deserved thanks

The AP TEAM would like to warmly thank its loyal customers and business partners for their trust and loyalty. Finally, thanks to all the members of our team whom show strong commitment and great determination on day in day out which makes all the difference!

AP International is a global turnkey logistics solutions provider based in the Greater Montreal Area. We simplify the complexities of both domestic and international trade for our clients since 1995.

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