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Among the many reasons for our success over the past 25 years is our extensive network of qualified partners represented by thousands of transport companies, international agents, warehouses, global governmental authorities and owner-operators who have chosen to connect with our company. Over the years, we have developed and tightened each of these relationships to be able to take it up a notch and fully execute the mandates we have been given by our clients. This in turn allows us to simplify their domestic and global freight and logistics operations.

We cannot move without our partners!

As evidenced by our three-prong logo, our business is based on a team concept : a close collaboration between our clients, our business partners and our team. The three combined make up for a successful journey.

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Respect in a business relationship also means :

  • Streamlined payment terms between 30 and 45 days
  • Access to the AP Flex quick pay programs
  • Rapid payment remittance thru direct deposit
  • Simplified invoicing process : and a unique reference number per transaction
  • Daily opportunities to thousands of shipments

AP is in business since 1995 and in excellent financial health which is extremely positive for you.

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At AP International, we are proud to stand out from the competition in ways that reach you and improve your chances of achieving success.