Trucking is a male dominated industry. But why?

People assume that truckers make long trips away from their families for days or even weeks. They also assume that the working conditions and environment are unhealthy and encourage junk food or lack of sleep. This perception is not always accurate.

There are numerous women working in the trucking industry, from truck drivers to logistics advisors, dispatchers, mechanics, trainers, etc., who keep the industry moving forward through their passion and determination.

Mrs. Susie De Ridder is a Canadian truck driver for a trucking company in New Brunswick. She has been in the industry for 40 years. Over the course of her career, she has driven approximately 4 million kilometers without having an accident. De Ridder has been named the winner of the first annual Female Driver of the Year award.

Women play an important role in our industry and in our team. Here are our colleagues :

Thank you to all our colleagues for your exceptional contribution to the AP team!