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Go ahead with AP

Among the many reasons for our success over the years is, of course, our extensive network of qualified carriers: thousands of transportation companies and owner-operators who have chosen to connect with our company. Our success is not only with our customers but also with you, our loyal partners. These things do not go unnoticed by AP International.

As evidenced by the three points of our logo, our activities are based on the team concept: a close collaboration between you, our customers and our team. These three elements together form what we like to call the AP Team!

We offer you peace of mind

Respect in a business relationship also means:

  • Terms of payment between 30 and 45 days
  • Payment by direct deposit
  • Quick pay options
  • In business since 1995 and in excellent financial health
  • Unique reference number for each transaction with AP

In addition, we offer real-time access to all our available orders where you can bid on shipments or confirm them quickly and easily using our brand new “AP Board”.

Online AP

Contact us! There is only one number: 866-977-9343. We will inform you about how to become a partner of the AP Team as well as about the many opportunities you will enjoy by teaming up with AP International.

At AP International, we are proud to stand out from the competition in a way that reaches you: improve your chances of achieving success while we simplify things for you!